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7 Reasons why we overeat and how we can begin to change

There are many reasons and all are valid and most often a mix of all of them.

1) Diet Trauma – One of the most pernicious though is dieting. We might enter into the diets world with nothing more than the hope of being able to more ably fit into our clothes (or smaller clothes) or maybe we feel under pressure from our peers, family or societal expectations. Although these themselves are themselves multifaceted, dieting can mess you up even more. The body gets used to a certain amount of food, when it is running on empty it sends a message of panic to the brain. With survival at its core, you are sent out to forage for food without a core of a conscious effort. Before you know it, the fridge is open, once the food is in, the relayed message causes the panic to be over. Not much fun however when the diet is also over, in your conscious mind of course. Diets often fail too due to the mind rebelling against being told to follow rules! Listen to your body and hunger the signals.

2) What happened last time – when we are faced with uncomfortable challenges, a trauma for example, like a relationship breakup, illness or abuse, the memory will take a snapshot of that time and perceives every thought, every food, every sight and sound to be forever associated with that moment in time. For example, if you lost a lot of weight because you were so ill you nearly died when you get well again, the brain will prevent you getting to that size again as it is associated with near death.

3) All thin girls are bitches – sometimes we grow up and certain people are unkind. We make a belief that all people looking like that person who was nasty will all be the same. We make a vow never to be ‘that’ person!

4) I don’t want to make them feel bad – have you ever been offered food and not been hungry or even like it but ate it anyway, so as not to upset the benefactor? Being unable to say no can keep us in a pattern of pleasing others.

5) Clean the Plate Club – remember the time when you were made to feel guilty and ashamed for not finishing your plate or throwing food away. This is not your rule but one that is deeply ingrained. You are no longer the child fearing reprisals for not ‘eating up’. See how it feels to leave some food or throw it away.

6) Deprivation – It isn’t much fun when the family are tucking into snacks or you see your favourite food being eaten away at the dinner table and you have told yourself you are not ‘allowed’ it. Before long, you knock FOMO on the head and you are eating in secret. Alternatively, say to yourself, you can have some of that food if you want but you are choosing not to.

7) I’m too sexy – if you get attention being a certain shape and dislike it, it can create a situation whereby you unconsciously change your shape by way of disguise. Learn to be you, to say no and to not have to be a certain way as a victim to the way ‘they’ think.

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