Have I got anxiety?
Have I got anxiety?

Are you a worrier?   We all know a little bit of worrying is not a bad thing.   It helps us stay out of trouble.  We even NEED to worry or at least be concerned in a world of hazards where we need to stay smart of stay safe.   So when does a little bit of...

7 Blocks to Food Freedom
7 Blocks to Food Freedom

blog post #1 7 Reasons why we overeat and how we can begin to change There are many reasons and all are valid and most often a mix of all of them. 1) Diet Trauma - One of the most pernicious though is dieting. We might enter into the diets world with nothing more than...


Lucy Still - therapist


I am an expert in clearing depression, anger, invasive grief, addictions, relationship issues, anxieties, childhood abuse...anything stopping you living the life you know is waiting for you.

I am an experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist, WSN Counsellor and Health Coach working in Hastings and online, specialising in helping people overcome whatever is causing stress and anxiety.

I pride myself in having a warm and friendly approach.  I am passionate about helping my clients discover a better version of themselves; to develop the confidence. emotional resilience and success  that will bring about positive and lasting change.

Take the first step towards a brighter future by contacting me for a no obligation talk on the telephone to find out how I can help .








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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