Lucy Still
I help people overcome anger (internalised or expressed) and anxiety issues so that they can get on with their life without resorting to medication or months of therapy
Social anxiety
Let go of being self-conscious and awkward in any situation. Be more confident with who you really are and gain greater success at work, with relationships and the you you were born to be. .
Anger Issues
We will work with the specific parts of the brain helping it to let go of the angry thoughts and behaviour so that the need to act is no longer a problem. Anxiety, depression and many physical issues are the result of internalised anger that can be eliminated.
Let go of the intensity of frustration and disgust you feel with certain noises so that life becomes so much more tolerable
Hi! My name is Lucy Still
I am a clarity coach and therapist
You know those feelings when we try and avoid something, it is as if our hearts jump out of our chests and we would rather hide than face something that makes us uncomfortable. Anxiety can hit anyone, anytime. Sometimes it is specific, other times general; we might not even know why we got there. Anger can come from the same place as anxiety. When we find ourselves in a situation that is unexpected, isolating, dramatic and we are not equipped for it - situations that compromise our safety or cause fear and shame, it becomes embedded in our subconscious never to be forgotten. Repeated anger can continue to be triggered many years after the stressful memory or memories occurred. Using unique techniques that work with changing our thought patterns at a neurological level, we can begin to repair and heal from past traumas and prevent us making new ones for ourselves and our loved ones in the future. I work with clients on diffusing the emotions triggering anger and connected symptoms of anxiety, depression and much more, so you can build the confidence to be the best of you.

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