Lucy Still
I help people overcome anxiety issues so that they can get on with their life without resorting to medication or months of therapy
social anxiety
Let go of being self-conscious and awkward in any situation. Be more confident and at peace with who you really are.
anxiety eating
Let go of the struggle with body image, compulsive eating and negative feelings around food.
relation-ship anxiety
Let go of clinging on to old behaviour or not being yourself in any relationships - partner, ex., parent, boss, work colleague, friend. Let go of what is haunting you so you can at last be free to be you.
Hi! My name is Lucy Still
I am an anxiety coach and therapist
You know those feelings, when we try and avoid something, our hearts feel like they will jump out of our chests and we would rather hide than do or face something that makes us, anything from uncomfortable to absolute terror. Anxiety can hit anyone, anytime. Sometimes it is specific, other times general; we might not even know why we got there. I work with clients on diffusing the emotions triggering anxiety, creating more peace, more confidence and more of whatever it is you want and need for yourself.

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