Lucy Still

coach  therapist  trainer

(CHi, B’Ed.,Cog.Hyp., Ad. EFTMR, EFT Trainer, Meditation Leader, BWRT l.1)


Do you ever wonder why you have got a certain health issue or unwanted behaviour? 

anxiety – worrying about everything, from money, being safe, to the way the world is going

aches and pains – your neck and back, your muscles and bones, always seem to be giving you trouble  

repeated illnesses – you catch everything going, suffer from skin outbreaks, breathing troubles; visits to the chemist and doctor are a regular occurance   

‘using’ food or alcohol  – to just cope with life but your body is suffering and you feel even worse

confidence – you don’t feel like going out as much, making changes or putting yourself out there

overwhelm and overthinking – your thoughts are interrupting your sleep, you can’t seem to relax and it is driving you spare

Maybe you’ve changed your diet, you’ve read the self-help books, taken supplements but your issues continue.   

You want to get rid of your issues…they are affecting your:-

  • relationships – with partners and friends (current or not being able to attract the right ones into your life)
  • social life
  • work
  • your children are showing signs of repeating your behaviour

Maybe you are not really into therapy.  Sometimes going to therapy feels like we are a failure.  We can’t afford it and don’t have the time.   Or maybe you agree to it but don’t want anything woo-woo or to have to go back and relive painful experiences.  

 How can stillinmind help?

Together we will:-

– use therapeutic techniques to help re-programme old running beliefs and coach them into a future with more possibilities 

– clear unwanted issues with fast acting and long lasting interventions that get the mind to rethink how it responds.  So you get your preferred response and you get to live a calmer day to day life

– introduce mindfulness and other practices to incorporate into your life, that ‘bath your soul’  ie raise your happy hormones

Let me show you how.   

 How you can use the triune brain – your intelligence, intuition and instinct – to tread the best path for you minus being bogged down or blocked by what has happened in the past. 


I help you to find out how you got where you are today and help you get to where you want to be, whether it is an action you want to change, an ache or pain that you want to get rid of or a behaviour that no longer serves you.  I start with a detailed meta-analysis to ascertain where you are now and where you would like to be, followed by a personalised and unique package of integrated techniques designed to clear your mind of intrusive thoughts and help you to be the person you want to be. 



I’m Lucy

I have over ten years experience in working with clients, helping them improve aspects of their lives.  I am an expert in anxiety and anxiety eating.  I am passionate about freeing people from all aspects of their lives that no longer serve them.  If you have a niggling physical or emotional issue that you would like to discuss, feel free to call me for a no obligation 20 minute session. 

What I Do

Service #1 


One to one sessions – in person or online

A full analysis of your behaviour and any ailments you suffer from will be taken.   This will allow us to see which brain domains are affected.   It is important to understand what you would prefer in the future.   A three to six-week programme is devised to allow those parts to integrate and update your subconscious.

Service #2


6 Week Programme 


What is keeping you stuck with your behaviour around eating?  In this programme, you will find out which of the 7 blocks are holding you back, use energy psychology techniques to clear your habits and learn an effective mindful eating approach that will finally allow you to find your peace with food.   

Contact me for a free Curb your Cravings session to see for yourself how you can stop eating cheese/cakes etc. without the need for will power.  

Service #3


EFT – 1,2,3 and Trainer Level  


  • EFT with Children  
  • Meditation 
  • Cognitive Aromatherapy 
  • Vision Boards with EO
  • EFT for Business
  • EFT for Peaceful Eating

Have you ever wanted to add to your ‘toolkit’ of skills?   Or start your own business or even more power to help your family and friends?  Look out for some exciting training this year.


Lucy is amazing, such a kind generous and knowledgable lady. I can’t thank her enough for the difference she has made in my life. I never felt judged or ashamed and the way she works with you is empathetic and at your pace. Thankyou lucy xx

Em Lou

I went to Lucy to help me resolve some old and not so old memories and feelings that I felt I was stuck with and that were keeping me in negativity and self-criticism. Lucy was very intuitive and spot on in helping me identify quickly some memories that I hadn't realised were at the root of many of my negative beliefs. Lucy is calm and gentle but very powerful in her 'connection' with you. Her sessions have helped me a lot and have changed the way I am and behave towards others and myself. Everyone should have a 'Lucy' to get 'unstuck' in their lives! Thank you Lucy xx


Lucy is a force of nature! I saw Lucy because I have a history of disordered eating that still affects my life to an extent today. As a nutritional therapist I feel I should be practicing what I preach to my clients, so chocolate binges had to go. Lucy's session took me right back to the source of my issues and untangled a 37-year old web. Her techniques are gentle yet powerful - much like Lucy herself - and have had a profound effect on my behaviour. No diet can reach our subconscious which is where the root cause and true issue lies. I would recommend her to anyone who struggles with food.



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