Unprocessed Anger and Illness

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Did you know unprocessed anger leads to physical and mental issues?

There is nothing wrong with anger; anger is a natural response.  If we are able to put awareness and be open to exploring possible connections to our emotions and illness it can move us forward in our healing journey.

The connection might not be clear but working with those parts of us that are suffering provides vital information about what is causing the illness.   In my work studying the connection between anger and indeed any emotion, clients will always go back to an unresolved conflict.  This can shine a light on what conflict that can be worked on to help resolve and help the client get better.

It does not matter if the original issue was a long time ago, we can still react to that stressful experience as a manifestation in our bodies via chemical reactions changing our internal environment.    If we don’t show our anger, we can assume that we are not holding on to any grievance or resentment but this is not always the case.   Whether we show it or not, anger can fester if not processed in a certain way.

If you are suffering from any of the below and this is not an exclusive list, it could be unresolved anger.   You may have been told it is caused by stress.   Stress is actually an emotional response to something that has happened.  And maybe that thing that happened unsettled you was unjust or made you feel under attack in some way.

  • Excessive sweating, hypertension, high breath rate and pulse rates due to being in a subconscious state of fear and survival state.
  • The constant release of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol in the body; keeps us in a state of arousal to leap into action at any given moment.
  • Migraines can be a symptom due to the pressure of holding on to past trauma
  • Digestive issues such as stomach cramps and IBS
  • Sleep deprivation because the subconscious goes over the shame, guilt and humiliating experiences or injustices against you and others over and over again looking for solutions
  • Eating disorders – using food as a symptom of passive aggression
  • Anxiety with no particular reason, just a sense of unease
  • Depression and feeling like there is no escape.   The mind shuts down as it cannot process the overwhelming information.
  • Cardiovascular disease – heart symptoms are associated with overwhelm
  • Breaks the relationship with family and friends
  • skin problems, such as eczema; where the conflict requires the victim to need to separate from the event or needs comfort from it.
  • Isolation from society and loneliness; thinking there is no one who understands or can help
  • Can cause borderline personality disorder

For further information please read the article below or take the next step and arrange a call with me to discover what you can achieve with help in your healing journey.


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